CORTO drum mowers

Extremely reliable drum mowers.

CORTO mowers are a guarantee of rapid, reliable and safe mowing with high efficiency. Regardless of whether you opt for a front or rear-mounted machine, or for a trailed machine, you can count on CORTO mowers at all times.

CORTO drum mowers

Extremely reliable drum mowers.

CORTO mowers are a guarantee of rapid, reliable and safe mowing with high efficiency. Regardless of whether you opt for a front or rear-mounted machine, or for a trailed machine, you can count on CORTO mowers at all times.

Technology for professionals.

Impressive – the mowing drum.

Our CORTO mowers feature reliable technology that has long proved its worth in practice. They are powered via a hexagonal shaft fitted to a generously dimensioned bevel gear transmission. This ensures smooth running, and is protected from wear through continuous lubrication in an oil bath. The rigid central shaft transfers any impacts on the mower drum directly to the main frame structure.

This protects the drive from impact loads, which keeps the mowing discs rotating freely at all times, as well as protecting the grass cover and preventing forage contamination. Depending on the model, the cutting height is either infinitely adjustable or can be set using spacer rings. Additional mowing discs can be used to raise the cutting height by a further 25 mm for operation over particularly damp and hilly terrain.

  1. Bevel gear transmission with continuous lubrication
  2. Hexagonal shaft power transmission
  3. Rigid centre shaft
  4. Quick blade change
  5. Fully rotational mowing discs
  6. Infinitely variable cutting height adjustment
  7. Drum body with powerful conveying effect
  • Dependable drive.

    The robust V-belt design provides reliable and direct power transmission, with flexible cushioning of peak and shock loads.

  • Robust gear frame.

    The torsionally rigid gear frame is bolted to the drums on a high-strength flange, and easily accessible when required. The straight driveline ensures efficient power transmission to the V-belts.

  • Smooth crop flow.

    The large space between the mowing drums provide an effective conveyance action and uniform crop flow. The flow can be further optimised and adapted to the crop with a selection of optional conveyance accessories.


A mower fully equipped to relieve the burden on your soil.

No two fields are the same. With ACTIVE FLOAT, you are able to adapt quickly and easily to changing conditions, such as wet spots or dry hilltops. The ground pressure of the mower can be adjusted with a single-acting spool valve, even while you are working. The currently selected value is displayed on a pressure gauge visible from the cab.

The rule of thumb for ACTIVE FLOAT.

Set the suspension as high as possible, restrict the load to what is absolutely necessary. Maximum suspension of the mower unit is particularly recommended when mowing at field edges, so that it literally "floats" over uneven ground.

Frictional resistance becomes rolling resistance.

ACTIVE FLOAT hydropneumatic suspension is standard equipment on all CONTOUR rear mowers from CLAAS, and is also available as an option on front mowers. This suspension system transfers the weight of the mower from the grass cover to the tractor. It also reduces lateral forces during operation on slopes, for increased riding comfort and improved mowing quality.

As an alternative to ACTIVE FLOAT hydropneumatic suspension, adjustable spring suspension is also available.

Optional ACTIVE FLOAT hydraulic suspension for front mowers.

ACTIVE FLOAT rams for hydraulic suspension of the CORTO 3200 CONTOUR.

Ingenious features to make your work easier.

  • Quality you can trust.

    CORTO mowers are designed to durably withstand maximum loads while consistently delivering a top-quality cutting result. They are easy to use, operating reliably in all kinds of conditions. All maintenance work can be carried out quickly and easily, and attaching and detaching implements has never been easier.

  • User-friendly implement attachment.

    Different mower types require different solutions. For example, CONTOUR rear mowers have double guide cones and different hitching heights to simplify the attachment task. All front mowers are attached with a practical quick coupling triangle.

  • Never in the way.

    For your peace of mind, during and after the end of the working day, unfastened components such as wiring, the drive shaft, hydraulic hoses or the control cable are firmly secured to the mower.

  • Knives can be changed quickly.

    Blades can be replaced in no time at all, using the fitting lever provided. A weatherproof blade box integrated in the mower provides convenient storage for replacement blades and the fitting lever.

  • Divided protective cover structure.

    The protective covers consist of several parts, so a damaged section can be quickly and inexpensively replaced.

  • The folding protective cover ensures easy access when required.

    The drums are super-easy to access for cleaning and maintenance work in all models. Convenient hooks are provided to secure the protective covers.

Top forage quality.

The daily mission statement of our mowers: a clean cut and consistent quality.

One of the key strengths of the CORTO is its versatility. Bulky masses of material, wet, laid or heterogeneous crops, or uneven terrain – the mower takes it all in its stride, leaving behind a clean cut and uniform swaths. The machine is also robust, easy to operate, and very quiet running.

  • Mowing height adjustment.

    The CORTO 3200 F PROFIL front mower is fitted as standard with infinitely variable cutting height adjustment, via a fixing lever. This feature is also available as optional equipment on the CORTO 310 F and CORTO 285 F. Cutting adjustment for rear mower units is via the upper link. On all mowers in the CORTO series there is also the option of raising the cutting height by 6 mm wtih a spacer ring, or by 25 mm with a high-cut bottom disc.

  • Uniform swath.

    Swathing discs form the forage crop into a uniform swath. Two additional swathing discs, available as optional equipment, further reduce the swath width. Individual attachment enables them to bypass obstacles in three dimensions of movement. The desired swath width is set quickly and easily with a lever on the mower unit.

  • On track.

    All CORTO rear mower units are fitted with adjustable lower link pins, for adjusting the tractor track width. The user has the choice of using the entire working width or setting the optimum overlap in combination with a front mower unit.