CLAAS Remote Service.

Fast problem resolution

Optimal service free of charge for five years.

CLAAS Remote Service.

Fast problem resolution

Optimal service free of charge for five years.

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Remote Service at a glance.

We understand how important it is for you to be able to count on top performance and professional service to ensure that any downtime is kept to a minimum. Our commitment to providing you not only with the best machines, but also the best service is what drives us. Now, you can join us in a new era of service support using the intelligent networking of CLAAS machines. This technology allows your distributor and service partner to access your machine and your specific data directly and so respond more quickly to your maintenance and service requirements. This maximum service is provided to you free of charge for five years. All you have to do is confirm that you accept the offer.

How you benefit from Remote Service

Faster problem resolution:

  • Machine detects fault and alerts the operator
  • Machine sends error message to the service partner
  • Service partner identifies the fault remotely

Advantage for you: immediate problem resolution through delivery and installation of the replacement part at the location where the machine is in use.

Proactive maintenance planning:

  • Machine transmits notification of upcoming requirement for maintenance to the service partner
  • Service partner suggests date for maintenance
  • Service partner places order for CLAAS ORIGINAL consumables in accordance with the scope of the maintenance

Advantage for you: maintenance is performed rapidly and proactively.



Register now. There are two ways of registering for Remote Service:

  1. Accept the offer at the time of purchase or machine handover 
  2. If you are already a TELEMATICS customer, activation of the service is performed via the TELEMATICS portal

For CLAAS, the reliable operation of our customers' machines is our top priority in every situation. That is why we follow this simple principle: with CLAAS Remote Service, the customer is always in complete control:

  • You have ownership of your data
  • The communication is performed in accordance with the highest security standards
  • Only data about the technical condition of the machine (e.g. rev readings or electronic error messages), the diagnostic process and the operating conditions are transferred, no yield data.
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